Maturity & Risk model

Active Directory Security Maturity Model

Using an Active Directory security maturity model can be an efficient help to improve your security maturity. Why ? To compare with your peers, to justify a budget based on business objectives, to build a roadmap, to avoid energy lost, …

We have built a 5 steps maturity model based on CMMI. Each step has been adapted to the specificities of Active Directory security.

You can download below our self assessment and evaluate your level of maturity. You can then read our recommendations on how to improve your maturity.

Active Directory Security Risk Model

Each time you run PingCastle to build the healtcheck report, the tool is building a risk model based on more than 70 rules.

A rule belongs to a category (Staled objects, privileged accounts, trusts and anomalies) and a sub-category (inactive user or computer, …). These rules and the scores given by each rule help build a global picture. The detail of this model is shown in detail starting PingCastle 2.4.2.

This model is a solution to get to the “2. Repeatable” maturity step.

An example of risk assessment made by PingCastle
An example of risk assessment made by PingCastle