Getting an overview

How much users or computers to you have ? Should you purchase additional support for Windows XP or Windows 2003 ? Should you plan an administrator cleanup ? Are the requirement for a 8 characters password enforced ?

This is the kind of questions you can answer with the simplest consolidation. Indeed, the program can be used to aggregate the report results.

Operations to perform

The consolidation process is working on the xml files generated by the consolidation report. By default, the files are picked in the directory (or sub directory) where the program is run. If there are duplicate reports, only the most recent is used.

To generate the report, enter “conso” in the interactive mode.

Or type the following command line:

PingCastle --hc-conso

Note: This report is generated automatically when the healthcheck is performed with the server “*”

Consolidation report

The consolidation report is a concatenation of all data contained in the report, without the detail. It follows the same plan than a simple report.

When the consolidation is made, 3 html files are generated.

File ad_hc_summary.html

The first one contains the summary of all the reports: It keeps the same structure than the detailed reports but with a higher level of detail.



The second file is a map build on all trusts. See domain discovery.



The third file is a map build on all trusts. See domain discovery.