PingCastle releases are a compromise between openness and stability. Indeed what most of the people are expecting is a program which is free, ready to work and tested. Because the program has been made to answer a specific business need, the program is licensed to the public under binary code only. Being part of a commercial package is forbidden except if a distribution license is being bought to share the development effort.

The program is allowed to run only during its support date. Support can be extended by purchasing additional support.

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Release date: 2018-07-25 – End of support for PingCastle 2.5.1: 2020-07-31

Change log

Digital signature

All the binaries of PingCastle have a digital signature. You can check the integrity of the files by verifying it.


Active Directory Security Maturity Self Assessment

Sample files

Example of report:

Example of consolidation:

Example of dashboard:

Older versions

PingCastle (Release date: 2018-01-19 – End of support: 2019-12-31)
PingCastle (Release date: 2017-05-14 – End of support: 2019-07-31)
PingCastle (release date: 2017-05-14 – end of support: 2019-07-31)

PingCastle (release date: 2017-04-09 – end of support: 2019-07-31)

PingCastle (release date: 2017-01-26 – end of support: 2018-12-31)

PingCastle (release date: 2016-11-01 – end of support: 2017-12-31) (CERT-IST forum special edition)

PingCastle (release date: 2016-06-01 – end of support: 2017-12-31)