Get Active Directory Security at 80% in 20% of the time

Situation regarding Active Directory security has changed

The risk level regarding Active Directory security has changed.

Several vulnerabilities have been made popular with tools like mimikatz or sites likes For example, Just for Kerberos, hackers can forge tickets (golden ticket). They can export secrets (dcsync), crack offline tickets to get them (kerberoast) or even act like a Domain Controller with DCShadow. And a local active directory compromise can lead to the compromise of other trusted domains via the exploitation of SID History (golden ticket + external sid).

Our solution: PingCastle

We think that the Active Directory security lies in the processes and not in expensive tools or consulting.


Next steps

As a consequence, our solution is simple:

Download PingCastle for free

The requirements to run the tool is set to a minimal: only an AD account is needed. The program can run under an account belonging to a trusted domain to audit active directory where your authority is questioned.

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Apply our methodology

Get to know how much domain you have, how much users you have and your risk level.

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Report to your management

Involve the management and get a budget for an Active Directory security project. Then demonstrate your progress and improve your security level.

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