Acting on the processes of Active Directory security

The goal  of the tool “PingCastle” is not to fix all the technical problems (for exemple Microsoft Security Compliance Manager allows to check the GPO compliance). It is not to do a one shoot audit but to put in place an organization and security processes..

The tool can be the help or the backbone regarding the implementation of an AD security standard. The tool follows two goals:

  • For the local IT:
    Make the AD administrators aware of their security level and help them detect potential security issues
  • For the Corporate:
    Gather a global view, especially the trust part, and be able to budget and prioritize security projects

Involve the management

PingCastle has a methodology (maturity and risk assessment) whose the critical factor of success is the management involvement.

The management involvement is done in 4 steps:

Then you can use the advanced functionalities of PingCastle to hunt specific weaknesses.

Decrease your risk exposure

For a big corporation, having an Active Directory domain compromised may not be the only risk. You can have trusts with third party where you have no control or a trust with a domain you (and the company) know nothing about.

Prove to auditors your progress. You’ll be able to justify:

  1. Trust status with external companies, without control, or forgotten
  2. Cross-domain contamination limitation
  3. Critical vulnerabilities fixed like passwords found in GPP