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Our promise: perform efficient governance.

PingCastle Enterprise is our commercial software to handle the most complex environments with thousands of domains. It has been designed for delegation and a close follow-up. You can configure complex organizations in a tree containing up to 10 level of management. The tool can be accessed to both IT management and IT operations.

PingCastle Enterprise is sold by us.

Maturity evaluation

PingCastle Enterprise is monitoring the progress on the methodology and produce a maturity score. This score can be divided in process areas and scopes.

Main score

The maturity is displayed in both radar and score form.

Methodology achievements

The dashboard displays the objectives reached or not. A zoom can be done to understand the root cause.


History of KPI is archived to track the progress.

Process follow up

PingCastle Enterprise has been designed to understand if the Active Directory is running as smooth as possible

Direct KPI view

KPI to achieve are displayed with a color based on the success or not.

Process overview

To build the KPI, processes are followed. For each main activity, the breakdown of the data is displayed.

Area overview

When many entities are involved, each individual status is displayed to benchmark them.

Zoom on domain risks

PingCastle Enterprise is also a tool for domain administrators to understand their scope.

Domain database

The application maintains an inventory of the domains and all the information associated to them.

Access to reports

Any health check report can be displayed quickly


History and timeline are collected to show the progress made on a specific domain.


PingCastle Enterprise has been designed to minimize the impact for its deployment. It supports a large number of Operating System including Windows and Linux and a large number of databases such as SQL Server Express or PostgreSQL.

Two factors and SSO

PingCastle is compatible with stand alone two factor authentication and a wide range of SSO application relying on OpenID


PingCastle can import reports manually but also using an integrated API


A switch between the Basic and Enterprise edition can be made smoothly