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It does quickly collect the most important information of the Active Directory to establish an overview on it. Based on a model and rules, it evalutes the score of the sub-processes of the Active Directory. Then based on this evaluation, it report the risk evaluation of it.

Quick start

The best way is just to double click on PingCastle.exe

This run the program in a mode called the “interactive mode”.


PingCastle.exe --healthcheck --server

Command line

The program can be run using a command line. A command line can be run by searching for “cmd” or “command line” in the start menu.

Then a drag and drop of the file “PingCastle.exe” automatically populates the command line with the binary. The same can be done with other files ending with “.exe”.

Additional options can be provided. We will use the following marking for commands:

PingCastle something you have to type.

Getting help

PingCastle can display its help

Indeed PingCastle has a lot of swtiches which can be displayed using the command line:

PingCastle.exe --help

Generating log file for support requests

PingCastle can collect logs with the –log switch

However when a command line argument is submitted, the interactive mode is disabled and the module has to be launched manually. To avoid that, the “interactive mode” can be activated manually using the command:

PingCastle.exe --log --interactive